Ukraine Mission

CrowdSource Rescue has launched several search-and-rescue missions to Ukraine, succesfully delivering needed supplies, providing medical care, and training local medics.

We are seeking to send a third longterm team, which will work on the eastern front to train local medics, assist local first responders, and respond to the unprecendented crisis caused by the Russian invasion.

All donations will be directed to Veterans Without Borders, a fiscal sponsorship project of CrowdSource Rescue, with 100% of donations being deployed to efforts in Ukraine.

Overall Mission

As a disaster-response non-profit, we have extensive capabilities and training to help with search-and-rescue, medical aid, and relief distribution during the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine.

We are engaged in three primary objectives:

  • Assist local volunteers and local NGOs with humanitarian response efforts in the Southeastern regions of Ukraine.
  • Deliver medical equipment and aid, as requested by local Ukranian hospitals or NGOs.
  • Train civilian and military medics, in advanced trauma care, structural rescue techniques,

Relief items are specifically requested by local Ukranian NGOs, volunteers, and hospitals, and are hand-delivered by each team.

At present, we have sent 3 teams for 14 day missions. They have moved over 4,000lbs of relief, trained 350+ volunteers, and evacuated 27 refugees.

As of April 20, we are planning on sending another team in May 2022, which will stay for 30+ days and train local medical volunteers.

We will send teams for as long as we have the financial ability to do so and the on-the-ground need persists.

Ways to Help

We're currently in need of three major aspects to continue to be helpful in Ukraine:

  • In-Kind Donations - each trip has a different list of items specifically requested by Ukranian NGOs or hospitals.
  • Financial Donations - each trip costs around $7,000 for a team of 3.
  • Prayers / Encouragements

All items were specifically requested by local Ukranian NGOs and hospitals, with active consultation and communication with them. Please inquire via e-mail before sending other items.

Why Support CrowdSource Rescue?

The actions of Russia have led to unprecendented damage, which has led to an unprecendented humanitarian effort. Why support CrowdSource Rescue, a small team out of Texas, over more well-known international NGOs?

We have several unique assets:

Low Overhead We fly and ship for free, sleep in vans or on the floor, aren't picky eaters, and operate for < $100/day. We have free lodging, minimal daily expenses, no paid staff, and are able to put almost all funds towards response.
Deeper Footprint We operate close to the fronts, alongside Ukrainian NGOs and civilians under active attack. We are usually the only Americans for several hundred miles.
Needed Experience We are trained paramedics, structural rescue specialists, firefighters, and first responders, with combat experience. We know how to respond to complex disasters, work in extreme environments, and help local volunteers succeed.
Local Relationships We are embedded with local volunteers and NGOs, working directly alongside and with them. We eat, sleep, and work with them, directly. We have worked hard to gain local trust and are apart of the communities we operate in.
Directed Relief Items donated won't get stuck in a customs warehouse for months on end; we'll put it directly into frontline volunteers hands. While we can't carry much, we can get it there, and we can get it there fast.

We are not a large team; we have no 18 wheelers, massive warehouses, or huge logistical footprints in Ukraine.

However, our smaller size is our strength: we are able to go further, operate longer, and work faster, with deep and trusted local connections.

For questions or large in-kind donations, please email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

On-the-ground team members are military veterans, with extensive search-and-rescue and medical experience. Our remote team is compromised of OSINT analysts, logistic specialists, and Ukrainian-speakers, who are able to guide the remote team via a 24/7 operations center.

How are you bringing relief and teams to Ukraine?

We are able to airlift 1,000lbs for about $300, thanks to airline industry employee status being extended to us. A team member is able to fly to Europe for about $50 one-way (and generally first-class too, which isn't so shabby).

The team arrives in an EU or NATO country, rents a large van, offloads any relief cargo, and then enters into Ukraine at the Polish border.

Are you looking for new volunteers?

We aren't looking for individual volunteers, but are instead pulling from existing CrowdSource Rescue volunteers that have already passed vetting and training requirements.

If you are a SAR team looking to help in Ukraine and meet our requirements, then reach out to us and we'll go from there.

Will you be posting photos of those you help?

No, as part of CSR's longstanding policy, we do not publish non-anonymized photos of those we help, nor do we make them available for media requests. It causes a power-dynamic issue.

Given the Russian Federation's threats towards humanitarian efforts, as well for the safety of Ukranian refugees and volunteers, we will be enforcing this policy with vigor.

We will however be posting anonymized photos or updates on all social media accounts, so that donors can follow along with progress.

Why are you doing this given the dangers and risk?

Please view our statement on our mission to Ukraine.

Who is Veterans Without Borders?

Veterans Without Borders is a North Carolina based organization, started in response to the crisis in Ukraine, in conjuction with CSR founders and team members.

CrowdSource Rescue serves as the fiscal sponsor to Veterans Without Border, allowing it to receive tax-deductible donations.

Please view the previously mentioned statement, which discuss the rationale behind fiscally sponsoring a project rather than a direct CSR operation.